Out of Focus

024 - Aural Exam


Oh hey. Didn't see you there. Wha-? It's Wednesday? SHIIIIIIII-

Welcome to the episode we put off because why do today that which you can do tomorrow? Today's problems are for tomorrow's me! This episode is brought to you by procrastination. Nick and Erick discuss the finer points of procrastination and when it's cost them big. Nick had to sit at a computer and mumble to himself. Erick almost got kick out of school. The moral here is maybe don't procrastinate.

We also talk about teenage petty crime and sneaking out. Nick was a bad boy rebel growing up and would sneak out all the time as a kid. To do kid stuff? Erick didn't have any friends so he didn't sneak out and cried himsef to sleep most nights. He would later sneak into places as an adolescent but, as it turns out, he's also bad at that.

Do your homework (now), put on your night time camo, and don't let dad hear you slip back in. Check it out, subscribe to our nonsense, and hit us up on Twitter, Instagram (@outoffocusshow) and Patreon.