Out of Focus

008 - But His Emails

Hello again spider-fans. We burst right outta the gate gushing about sound design and music in video games and how that helps craft the narrative. Erick throws down the gauntlet in an impromptu review for Kindom Hearts 3; he's barely unable to hide his disdain for the gameplay and "cutscene hell". But somehow this episode isn't about videogames or sound design at all. We're already off to an unfocused start.

Today's episode is about social media and male fashion. Nick is the most photogenic so naturally he has become our defacto social media manager so hats off to him (also forward all complaints to nickdoesnotcare@yahoo.com). For reals tho, if you have a story for us or just wanna say hi, hit us up at our gmail (outoffocusshow). Nick then goes on to talk about his Alan-Turing-professor-like steez and Erick puts forth his basic bastard fashion look.

Let us strut our stuff and talk smack about social media. Check it out, subscribe to our nonsense, and hit us up on Twitter and Instagram (@outoffocusshow).