Out of Focus

021 - Coco Butter

Do you like coconuts? Whether you do or don't, you probably won't after this episode. We start with a gross coming-of-age story involving coconuts, humidity, and teenage ingenuity. It takes about the first ten minutes. Please, broaden your horizons and listen to it completely.

We go back and forth a bit about our weekends. Erick got to enjoy a balmy and beautiful weekend with his wife in southern Utah where they lazed the day away and played in a lake. Nick got to drop some cash on some bomb Argentinian asado. They both had good weekends. Envy them.

We then get a little heart felt talking about our experiences growing up with our respective cultural lenses. It's a good talk.

Grab your favorite fruit, make sure mom isn't home, and reminisce on your youth. Check it out, subscribe to our nonsense, and hit us up on Twitter, Instagram (@outoffocusshow) and Patreon.