Out of Focus

020 - Coconut Tease

If R. Kelly can't read, is he still a pedo?

Yes. The answer is yes.

Welcome back to Out of Focus where we start talking about R. Kelly and O.J for some reason. We quickly shift gears and realize with dread that our 10 year high school reunions would be happening soon. We're old now. This of course changes our focus to more old people topics like five year plans, hopes, dreams, and all the things we wanna accomplish. We're cast adrift in a sea of scary opportunity. Witness our uncertainty, our instability, and the overwhelmingly crushing weight of debt.

Lucky for us we're able to look back on our childhoods with a topic switch to ice cream trucks. Everybody out there, even though you're probably an adult now, go practice some self-care and buy ice cream from an ice cream truck. Empower your childhood self. Also driving an ice cream truck is somebody's job. How weird is that?

This episode's next to ignition
The ice cream's hot and fresh out the kitchen
R. Kelly excusin' his actions
Got every cop in here wishin'

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