Out of Focus

028 - Deadly Cream Pie

Know what goes really well together like Doritos and a long night of drinkin'? Erick and Nick shooting the shit over the airwaves. Welcome back to another episode of Out of Focus. Today Erick enlightens us to a genre of books he wasn't aware of. It's not self-help (although he needs those) and it's not fantasy (Wheel of Time re-read anyone?); it's food-based murder-mystery novels. Books. Filled with murder, mystery, intrigue, and recipes for delicious pastries. What more could a bored middle-aged housewife teleported from the 50's want really?

Nick being the more learned of the two gives us insights into a weird thing he saw on the subway as well as how getting a Master's in Music Therapy goes. Neither sound easy and/or pleasant. Honestly, who puts their pants on inside out and buttons them the normal way? Baffling.

Knead and pound your dough, flip on your favorite stand mixer, and be sure to peek over your shoulder for thieves and murderers. Check it out, subscribe to our nonsense, and hit us up on Twitter, Instagram (@outoffocusshow) and Patreon.