Out of Focus

023 - Dr. Swollen Tongue

Hey and welcome back! Happy post Mother's Day. Today we're celebrating the mothers in our lives by disappointing them and continuing this podcast.

We talk about hoppin' back into working out (queue full Rocky montage). Erick's pretty sore from being stubborn and not easing into his old workout routine. Nick tells us how about how he almost died at a gym, hubris be damned. Sore muscles naturally segues to getting those muscles rubbed. Nick gets a massage and gets introduced to pains he didn't even knew he had. Erick got a massage, got man-handled, and got put through the wringer thanks to Olga/Helga/Brena.

We also start talkin' weird sleep things. Limbs falling asleep, sleep paralysis, and getting eaten by rats.

Stretch out those muscles, agree on safe word with your masseuse, and let us be your sensory deprivation tank soundtrack. Check it out, subscribe to our nonsense, and hit us up on Twitter, Instagram (@outoffocusshow) and Patreon.