Out of Focus

005 - Fecalnomorta!

Welcome back sports fans, muggles, and followers of the way of the leaf!

On this happy Monday Erick gives us a vague and rambling overview of Robert Jordan's magnum opus the Wheel of Time series. We go on several segues that include discussions on surviving as a jaded New Yorker, bad fantasy novels and where to find them, and the terrible things J.K Rowling has done to her books after she wrote them.

Somehow we also move onto dismal displays of our athletic prowess by talking sports. Topics include world cup bandwagoning, Nick's potential career as a NFL linebacker, and how Erick has embraced middle class living by playing both pickleball and racquetball.

Come, listen as we embarrass ourselves by exposing our incompentence in the arenas of brains and brawns. Check it out, subscribe to our nonsense, and hit us up on Twitter and Instagram (@outoffocusshow).