Out of Focus

025 - Horse Lips and Goat Tongues

Welcome back! We know the question that has been burning in the hearts of our various and sundry listeners; who in OOF is more like Jim Jones, and who is more like Charles Manson? Erick and Nick discuss. Erick also tells us about his weekend at the petting zoo (and somehow we don't touch on Tudder once). Nick tells us about his victories - He got a new processor and his computer is sexy fast to the point where Nick is a liberted man - and his failures - hangovers, car troubles, and $90 lyft rides.

Near the end of the podcast we start talking about one of our favorite youtubers (PayMoneyWubby) and his recent and intense 36 minute video. That takes us down the weird and perilous roads of spooky/weird videos. Adult Swim infomercials, Salad Fingers, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, and others are touched upon. Erick is a big fan of anything that is spooky strange; video games, videos, books, don't matter - lay it on him. Nick is less of a fan of spooks. Make sure you send him all the spooky things so that he can't sleep at night.

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