Out of Focus

016 - Meaty Baby Swallow

Wow. So uh, helium intro this time around?

Welcome back to what is apparently now wacky Wednesday here at Out of Focus. Nick gives us a bit of a career update where he shows us how big his heart is by volunteering to work with kids. Also it turns out that you gotta be on your T. Swift A-game if you wanna impress the cool kids. They will put you on the spot and they will shut you down if you aren't hip with it. Pivoting off of kids, Nick tells us his community is where the undead outbreak is bound to happen with the ongoing measles epidemic (vaccinate your kids people).

Also did you know Nick swallows? Like really loudly? We explore a little bit of Nick's body oddity where he is physically incapable of swallowing quietly. If you have any tips for him, hit us up. We're always down to see Nick be weird. Swallowing naturally leads to breathing. We talk about how to breathe properly. Everybody reading this right now, take a nice, deep, relaxing breath and let it out good and slow. Now think about the hellscape that is the new Hellboy movie. Oof.

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