Out of Focus

022 - Moist Muffin

Give a big OOF welcome to Erick's sister Nana! Yes, this week we have Nana on to talk about herself, what she does, and what she is about. We talk travel stories and Nana let's us know how she was almost in a Taken spin-off movie. Don't get into cars with strangers kids. We give an update on our DBZ Japanese vs. English voice actors twitter poll and outta nowhere get a wild card: the Latin American DBZ voice actors. Enthusiasm isn't their strong suit.

Some highlights:

  • Nick isn't allergic to brandy (hooray!)
  • Scams, scams, and more scams (Don't trust monks)
  • Underage Rum + Cokes
  • "Beer or wine at night keeps the doctor away, right?"
  • The French don't wanna speak french to you
  • Bands we passed on initially

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