Out of Focus

027 - Privyet Comrades

Privyet! Welcome back folks. We start this episode off by talking about the the scariest Eastern European monster; Baba Yaga in the form of a man. That's right, Keanu Reeves is back in theaters once again reprising his role as an angry dog-loving assassin in John Wick 3. We spoil one of the first brutal and creative kills. Spoiler alert: it involves a book. And it's pretty gruesome. The movie is definitely worth a watch if you're into all things action, dogs, and Keanu Reeves.

We then segue over to usual topics. Dragon Ball Z is touched upon yet again. Nick is back in the hole binging League of Legends in a happy go lucky sort of way. He has embraced death and doesn't put up with anyone's nonsense. He's also reached a thousand(!!) words for his Spanish vocabulary. He'll be as good as a native speaker any day now. Erick's been embracing that Russian aesthetic and playing through the Metro games enjoying his time killing mutants and getting spooked.

Brush up on your Russian, be kind to all dogs, and beware the wrath of the quiet man. Check it out, subscribe to our nonsense, and hit us up on Twitter, Instagram (@outoffocusshow) and Patreon.