Out of Focus

013 - Russian is Manly Sexy

Good morning everybody! On this glorious episode, Nick and I decide to dive deep into our cultural food backgrounds, how they differ, how they're the same, and how bad foods can be universal. We kick things off by talking about Meatloaf (boo) and also meatloaf (more boo). Nick sheds some light on how picky he is, how we works around that, and reveals himself for the sociopath he is because of his hate of fruit. We also start talking about gross foods we ate growing up that people side-eye us for. Erick reveals his love of his noodle-fry sauce monstrosity and goes on about his ever growing food preferences.

And man, we keep talking food because why not? Nick plugs the reason he comes back to Utah (Greek food at Chicken Express) and Erick laments his one and only dim sum experience in New York. We eventually pivot to motivation and the adult trap of becoming a couch troll. It turns out that being an actualized person takes work and effort. We explore where we excel, where we fail, and the steps we take to try to do better every day.

Fix yourself a delicious meal, find some nice headphones, and join us while you get some stuff done #bossbabe. Check it out, subscribe to our nonsense, and hit us up on Twitter and Instagram (@outoffocusshow).