Out of Focus

019 - Send Us Your Upskirts

What a weekend. Two titanic media properties cranking out some end of life content. All the emotions. All the visual and story tastiness. None of the spoilers. Unfortunately you get to listen to us and not watch Endgame of Thrones.

Welcome to a post Game of Thrones and Avengers: Endgame weekend. Listen to Erick as he is visceral, raw, and emotionally exhausted after having watched Endgame. Be a fly on the wall while we air our dirty laundry in a production meeting. We talk shop and introduce our Patreon. Feel free to toss disgusting amounts of money our way, and we'll squander it to swim in our Scrooge McDuck-ian vault.

Also Nick asks the age old question: would you eat a subway churro?

Pop your popcorn, grab your fried food and tissues, and prepare to cry. Check it out, subscribe to our nonsense, and hit us up on Twitter and Instagram (@outoffocusshow).