Out of Focus

009 - Thank You is a Four Letter Word

Hello again and happy (late) international women's day! In this episode we officially introduce and talk to Nick's lovely wife, Chelsea Farr. We chat about some of our favorite drinking stories, college stories (which of course involve drinking), and talk a little about Chelsea's likes and dislikes. We also touch upon what it takes to be a #RealNewYorker (Saying please and thank you is frowned upon).

Also on this episode we have our first recording mishap! Nick is the best and was able to edit it cleanly (send him your complaints). We also find out that Nick and Erick will never be true New Yorkers, Nick and Chelsea are terrible RAs but the deepest of soul mates, and that drinking boxed blush wine with friends is the best time.

Come hang out with us as Chelsea makes her Out of Focus debut. She's a firecracker, we're not, it's a good time. Check it out, subscribe to our nonsense, and hit us up on Twitter and Instagram (@outoffocusshow). Also check out Chelsea's stuff on her insta here (@thechelsfarr).