Out of Focus

011 - Uber Eats Killed My Mother

It's the first day of April, spring is in the air, and Uber Eats stole Nick's money. We start immediately with a fuming Nick sharing his story of hardship and hunger. TL;DR Nick is hungry, penniless, and video game AFK by the end. Erick tells us his recent dive into movies and video games. He enjoys Captain Marvel, he makes fun of Aquaman, and he keeps dying over and over in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. All is right with the world. Also, warning for the squeamish, we have another batch of bug stories.

Today's episode is about how our careers positively and negatively affect our lives. Erick's career has enabled him to talk about tech things he has no firm grasp on - nerds out there, please call out Erick and tell him how wrong he was explaining ARP poisoning. Whereas Nick's career has endowed him with an almost sixth sense for interactions with people and relationships; this of course has it's good and bad aspects including people wanting (and definitely not wanting) to be diagnosed.

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